Tuesday, November 24, 2015

10 Free Kindle Books to Download Pre-Holiday Travels!! Suspense, Mystery, Romance, Historical Fiction, Steampunk, Zombies, and more!

Dear friends - please note, these are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission for your purchases at no additional cost to you.  Thank you for helping keep me caffeinated and my dog supplied with treats!  As always, all opinions are my own, and I will never recommend something I wouldn't buy myself.

It occurred to me today that you, like me, might be doing a lot of traveling over the next month or so.  And furthermore, that you, like me, might prefer to travel light, while still having plenty of reading material to help pass time in the car or on the plane.

(Please note, if you are DRIVING the car, I recommend saving the reading for later...  same for the plane.  If you are PILOTING the plane, step away from the kindle / phone / book, my friend!)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Free Legal Download of Foo Fighters' EP Saint Cecilia! 5 Free Tracks! Yay New Roadtrip MP3s!

It's been a while since I've done a music-focused Monday Media Madness post!!  I had NOTHING planned for today (Nanowrimo brain over here *crazy eyes* 37,599 words people!!) so I was psyched when I found out that Amazon is currently offering the Foo Fighters' Saint Cecilia EP for free download!!  Yay, free music, and yay, easy quick post!  ;P

There are five tracks on this EP:
Saint Cecilia
The Never Ending Sigh
Savior Breath
Iron Rooster

Go check it out for sure if you're a Foo Fighters fan, or if you just want something new to listen to in the car or on the plane while traveling this week!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled feverish writing.  ;)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Easy DIY Wall Art for the Superhero Fan in Your LIfe! Comic Book Canvas, Gallery Wall, & Decoration! Plus the Happiness is Homemade Linky Party!

When my husband and I discovered a giant stack of his childhood comic books at his mom's house a while back, we knew we had to do something fun with them!  We went a simple route, and produced some pretty awesome superhero wall hangings, if I do say so myself...  It is incredibly easy, but here is the process broken down in steps if you want it.  If not, just skip on down to the Happiness is Homemade linky par-tay!  ;)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Frivolity: The Office Memes Edition + A Link-Up for All Things Fun, Funny, and Encouraging!

Guess what, everybody??  It turns out that there are a bazillion memes / photo quotes from The Office out there, and that discovering that made me all happy and nostalgic, so here we are!  ;P  

(and if you hate The Office, I hope you'll forgive me... just scroll on down to the link-up and I'm sure you'll be able to find something else fun, funny, or encouraging to read instead...)

Office Memes from the Friday Frivolity Link-Up Party at Devastate Boredom - Michael Scott Early Bird and Night Owl
 I distinctly remember laughing at this one back when Michael Scott first said it...  :P

Monday, November 16, 2015

Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - The Aha! Moments and Perspective Shifts That Make This Book Worth Reading - A Review

Oh man, at long last, the much anticipated review of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up!  Oooooooh ahhhhhhhhhh!!  ;P  

Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - The Aha! Moments and Perspective Twists that Make this Book Worth Reading - a review by Devastate BoredomThe Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Japanese organizational expert Marie Kondo, is one of those books that EVERYONE is talking about right now...  Yay for minimalism and simplicity living becoming more mainstream ideas!  :D  
The book is popular for good reason too... whether you're already a hardcore minimalist, or a borderline hoarder, or somewhere in between, it probably has something to say to you that you will find helpful.  Depending on your level of familiarity with the philosophy behind minimalism, simplicity living, etc, a lot of the ideas might not be NEW to you, but there were subtle shifts in Marie Kondo's approach that gave me a whole new perspective on aspects of the topic (photos and childhood mementos, for example), and really helped me "finish" my own minimalist household transition.  

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nanowrimo Excuses / Progress and Cohosting Happiness is Homemade Linky Party... Link-up to the Blog Hop now!!

Happy weekend everyone!!  I keep wanting to have some clever DIY project or wonderful recipe to share with you all along with the Happiness is Homemade linky party, but it just hasn't happened yet because -- y'all know what I'm about to say, right?? -- I'm really trying SO HARD to focus on this stupid Nanowrimo project!  I have 20,021 words and thirty pages, which is pretty good for fourteen days, yes??  YES????  To be on-track for finishing by the 30th I'm supposed to have 25,000 words by the end of today, so I'm still a bit behind but only a BIT, right.... RIGHT????  Praise me!!  Reassure me!!!!  TELL ME I'M AN AMAZING WRITER!!! 

SORRY, sorry, that's the Nanowrimo fever frenzy talking, not me...  I swear...  Oh gosh... *scared*  ;P  

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'll have something crafty to share next week because I already have half the post written, so get excited for that!  It's guaranteed to make the comic book / superhero fans in your life very happy!  In my house that is me AND my husband.  And the dog is pretty crazy about X-Men too, come to think of it...  

Until next week though, when I divulge this mysteriously awesome superhero DIY, you can find lots of great crafting fun and recipes at the party below!  

Be sure to tell me if you find any extra cool inspiration down there, 'cuz I'm going to be a little short on time to check them out myself this week... and if you link up to the party yourself, be sure to tell me which one is yours because I DEFINITELY don't want to miss that one!  :) 

Have a great weekend everybody! 


Welcome back to another great weekend at Happiness is Homemade Link Party!!

HIH 3 Hosts

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Frivolity Flash Mobs Style! A Linky Blog Party for All Things Fun and Funny!! Link-Up Now!

Welcome to Friday Frivolity!!

Hello Friday, and hello friends!

I'm embarrassed to realize that I have not posted ANYTHING this past week, due to my singleminded devotion to my Nanowrimo project at the moment, but there's no way I would miss Friday Frivolity with y'all! 

Also, if you're the crafting / cooking / baking / "why yes, I made that fantastic object myself" kind of person (or want to be!) be sure to come back tomorrow for all kinds of DIY deliciousness, at the Happiness is Homemade party I'm cohosting this month too. :) 

Has anybody actually participated in a flash mob? I want to SO MUCH. For some reason the topic popped into my head, and I thought I'd share some two of my favorite flash mob videos! If these don't make you smile like an idiot, you might not be human. But I still love you even if you're not human! Huge props to my non-human readers out there! Cyborgs, mutants, and literate animals, UNITE! ;P 

First up, check out this video of a sneak-attack dance performance in Antwerp... The fact that they are performing to a much-beloved song from The Sound of Music just makes it better. (I also really enjoyed this other video that showed just how much work went into putting all that together...)


For a similar, less musical but even more hilarious exploit, check out this video... an old favorite of mine that is basically icing on the cake of sheer brilliance. These "gatherings" are orchestrated yearly by a group in New York called Improv Everywhere.  I totally need to look and see if there is a Dallas chapter...  Also, in case you can't tell from the video, all these people are listening to coordinated instructions on MP3 players. And it increases in awesomeness from there.

The Mp3 Experiment 2.0 from ImprovEverywhere on Vimeo.

If anyone has a favorite flash-mob video, pretty-please, do share! 

Now on to the link-up! :D 

The Host:

Friday Frivolity Host Sarah Eliza from Devastate Boredom

Sarah Eliza is on a mission to Devastate Boredom by living a life full of all of her favorite things... friendship and connection, laughter, furbaby love,  books and media, wellness pursuits, minimalism, traveling, Paleo-ish cooking, and on and on!  Come by each week for the Friday Frivolity blog party and start your weekend off right!

The Guest Co-Host: 

Friday Frivolity Guest Co-Host Alexandra of My Urban Family

We are so excited to welcome Alexandra from My Urban Family as our guest co-host for this week!  Alexandra is a wonderful lifestyle blogger and graphic designer who writes about family-centered life in Chicago.  She's had lots of great posts lately about the upcoming holidays, gift ideas for difficult people, etc, but my FIRST favorite post from her was all about 90's toys... oh nostalgia factor wedded with ebay money-making opportunities!  ;P  (Pssst, want an easy, special, homemade gift for Grandma and Grandpa without too much crazy glue and glitter everywhere??  Check out Alexandra's personalized coloring pages, converted from YOUR own photos!  Your holiday "awwww" moment is just a few crayons away!)  Go say hi and tell Alexandra you stopped by!

 Drum roll for our feature please, chosen via the number of readers' clicks! 

Our feature this week is from Women Abiding, an encouraging post entitled 4 Unusual Things I Do With My Children.  The author encourages readers to value the small, unique habits and traditions that fill your family with "everyday sparkles."  Check it out if you didn't last week! 

Time for the new stuff! 

We love funny and/or encouraging posts, free printables, giveaways, and other fun stuff to make us SMILE and start the weekend off on the right foot. 

If you're just here to have fun, skip the rules and start clickin'! 

If you're a blogger here to link up, please read the rules below. Note that you are welcome to share up to three links and that older posts are always welcome too!

Bloggy buddies, three rules only: 

1. Please be generous with your clicks and comments! Blogging is all about connection, and nothing is more fun than knowing something you wrote was meaningful to a reader. Encourage one another with your presence and interest. :) 

2. Link back to one of the hosts' site please!  (the old Free and Fun Friday blog button is fine as well)

3. Follow Devastate Boredom AND My Urban Family via your favorite bloggy source... Let us know that you followed and where, and we will follow you back in return! 

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Lastly, if you are interested in participating in Friday Frivolity as a co-host, whether just once or more regularly, click here to let me know!  Not only is it fun to host with buddies, it's more exposure for your site and the posts linked up... good stuff all around.  :)

We're so happy you're here! Let's have some fun. :D

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Co-Hosting Happiness is Homemade -- Join the Party for Crafty, Tasty, and Why Yes, I Made that Myself! ;)

Is anyone planning crafts as gifts this holiday season??  In the past my husband and I have loved making homemade vanilla extract as a gift, but I think we'll be dabbling in new DIY waters this year... if you have a great idea for me, be sure to share the inspiration by adding it to this link-up, and then comment so I can know to check it out!  :D

And don't forget, humorous posts, uplifting / lighthearted musings, free printables, giveaways, and more are all welcome over at my Friday Frivolity blog party... still open for submissions a while longer!  Rule following links are PINNED and TWEETED!!  ;)


Welcome back to another great week with us ladies! We had a great turn out last week and it is so fun to watch, how our link parties go with holidays and the weather..I feel inspired and now hungry!!!
Don't forget since its a new month we have new co-host's so make sure you take the time to visit and say hello!

HIH 3 Hosts

Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Frivolity Linky - NaNoWriMo Memes! Come link-up humorous posts, encouraging / uplifting musings, giveaways, free printables, more!

Welcome to Friday Frivolity!!

At long last, the weekend awaits us!!  I'm a little preoccupied with National Novel Writing Month right now, so I couldn't help but share some NaNoWriMo memes. (If anyone else is participating, come join this facebook group for encouragement and fun!)  In case you aren't familiar with it, the goal is to finish 50,000 words of a novel within the month of November. *gulp*

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fantastic Product for People Who Love Essential Oils! Review of the Carrier Stick, Solid Base Oil / Moisturizer - Great Gift or Stocking Stuffer!

Carrier Stick, All Natural, Easy Essential Oil Base Application, reviewed by Devastate Boredom.

I don't know if you have noticed, but essential oils are SUCH a big deal right now.  Lots of people are responding to the growing awareness of how toxic many home and personal care items are (check out the Skin Deep database if you don't believe me!) and are flocking to essential oils for air freshening, home remedies for minor ailments, skincare, bug repellents, cleaning, and more.  I love it when trends actually fit with my green-lovin', minimalist lifestyle!  ;P  (linking to some examples, but there are soooo many resources out there if you're interested)

I've been dabbling in essential oils myself for about six months, mostly sticking to Aura Cacia's organic line, because once you start thinking about how much of an herb/plant has to be distilled down to get that little bottle of essence (read: A LOT), you might decide you aren't crazy about all those plants being saturated with neurotoxins...  *shudders*  

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